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Virtual Rendez-Vous: SkySounds
Three years and a half after their first Virtual Rendez-Vous, Nicolas Kern and Dark Shrimp come back with their concept for a new edition with a lot of new things: clean realization, guests, as well as ten new tracks are to be expected.
Everything begins on friday, 26th august at 7pm for the listeners of Radio Equinoxe, with an exclusive premiere of the first live video of this event.
Then, you can follow all the whole project's progression on Virtual Rendez-Vous' official website as well as on the dedicated webpage of this website.
You can as well follow, our official Facebook pages (NK - DS) and YouTube (NK - DS).

They talk about it :
- (Radio Equinoxe)
- (En Attendant Jarre)

Virtual Rendez-Vous: ElectroCity Studio Version release

Virtual Rendez-Vous is a concept developed together with Dark Shrimp. As you remember, the last concert was in 2009. To celebrate its second anniversary, we decided to record a studio version of the live concept.

For that purpose, Virtual Rendez-Vous' old website has entirely been reworked. It can be seen on

I invite you to discover the recordings on, on June, 19th ! !

New EP <i>Run2Live</i>, short videogame soundtrack

It has been a long time since my last release, and I'm proud to introduce you my new creation, which is a short soundtrack for a small videogame developped by my school friends and me a few weeks ago.

The EP is composed of 6 short tracks tracks and a remix which is the main track. Their property is that they all are based on the same melody, but dedicated to each service of the hospital the game plays in.

I invite you to discover this EP now here, this is some sort of my Christmas gift to you all !

My Path featured on Radio Equinoxe compilation 3
My Path track is featured on Radio Equinoxe's compilation version 3, sold from October, 18th 2010.

Click on this list to order on
Price is 7.50€

Nicolas Kern - My Path :

Dark Shrimp - Love Sensation :

Nicolas Kern & Dark Shrimp live on March, 14th 2009

Saturday, 14th March 2009, 20h00, Aix en Provence


Nicolas Kern & Guillaume Perrus will be on stage on Saturday, 14th March 2009 in Palette (Le Tholonet), near Aix en Provence, for the first representation of their live concept Virtual Rendez-Vous: ElectroCity.

More informations on

Today is a big day, this is the release of my first videoclip, for my track "My Path" to be featured on one of my forthcoming albums.
To read more about this track, please follow this link.

Here is the video on YouTube :

Enjoy and feel free to post a comment ! :D

On April, 18th 2009, I'll perform a concert with my friend Dark Shrimp in the Casino de Bonsecours, near Rouen. The concert will be called Virtual Rendez-Vous: ElectroCity.

We had a meeting and rehearsals on January, 10th 2009 in Bonsecours, we began to shoot for the "100 days for 1 night" Making Of (available soon).

Here is a preview of a improvised track composed during the rehearsals of the Festival Synthetic and performed live by DJ Xeal, Florent Lelong and Nicolas Kern.

Warm welcome on the new version of my website !
More dynamic than the previous one, this place is getting one step closer to you as am going to share here :
  • my latest tracks, albums, concepts, in the Music area ;
  • my latest concerts and projects in the Live area ;
  • my latest collaborations in the Collaboration area ;

Moreover, you can register to the website, you will receive an access to the hidden area of the website in which you will discover tracks and news before anybody else, and you can receive the newsletter with which you will remain up to date all the time !!

Enjoy your stay here !
Nicolas Kern